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Trimmed FloweR

Cultivar: Remedy

Species: Indica Dominant

Parent: Cannatonic x Afghan Skunk

Profile: pungent lemon and pine with floral notes

CBD= 13.82%


Cultivar: Ceiba

Species: Hybrid

Parent: Cannatonic + Harlequin x Sour Tsnuami

Profile: strong gas and lemon with a earth flavor finish

CBD = 14.04%


Cultivar: Suzy Q

Species: Hybrid

Parent: Harlequin

Profile: spicy earth with floral pine

CBD = 13.78%


Cultivar: Hemp Kush

SPECIES: Indica Dominant

Parent: Kandy Kush

Profile: pine and wood with notes of ripe fruit

CBD = 12.06%


Cultivar: Lifter


Parent: Suver Haze x Early Resin Bud

Profile: fruit and wood notes with earth and berries

cbd = 14.64%

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